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Welcome to the Romance Weekly blog hop! I’m taking the baton from the awesome Victoria Barbour If you missed her, bounce back!!

The Passionate Kisses Boxed Set includes 10 Sizzling Contemporary Romances. Victoria’s contribution to the anthology includes: AGAINST HER RULES.

Elsie Walsh has one rule—no sleeping with the guests at her luxury inn on the rugged coast of Newfoundland—but Scottish playboy Campbell Scott is determined to show her that he belongs not only in her bed, but by her side at the Heart’s Ease Inn.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think it’s on sale now.

Here are my answers:

  1. How do you respond to someone calling your writing smut or demeaning your work in some other way?


I don’t respond. People who insult the romance genre will rarely be convinced to read and enjoy it. Instead, I focus on finding the people who will enjoy my work.

Writers need extremely thick skin. We pour stories onto paper and hope someone appreciates them. And most of the time, that happens, but the words don’t always reach a friendly audience.

Do the insults sting? Yes. I wish they didn’t, but I’m human and I have this strange desire for everyone to like me. It helps if I remember that taste in reading material is subjective. Not everyone wants to read Stephen King and not everyone wants to read Jane Austen. Some people prefer comics to novels and others won’t read a book unless it has been awarded a Pulitzer. The key for me is sending out my books to readers who will enjoy them.

The occasional, but brutal comments from people who don’t like reading my chosen genre are softened by readers who truly enjoy my stories After winning several writing contests in the past year and selling most of my finished manuscripts to publlishers, I’m confident I’ve found my audience.


  1. When critiquing or beta reading, do you ever find the voice of the other author creeping into your writing?


Yes? Although my voice is strong enough to dominate most scenes that I write, I allow another writer’s voice to infect my writing when it fits my manuscript.

I’ve had critique partners or beta readers suggest changes to my words that have not been in my voice, but nevertheless made the scene much stronger. I care about making my stories as solid as possible and sometimes that means accepting suggestions.

In addition to my own novels, I co-write novellas with my critique partner Susan Scott Shelley. When we write together, our writing blends in a unique way. I have no idea how it happens, because our individual voices are very different. Her writing voice is amazing. She writes powerful characters, beautiful descriptions, and sensual scenes. She has the ability to take a scene I write and ramp it up to another level.

When critiquing each other, however, we respect each other’s individuality and work to provide feedback that doesn’t alter what makes our voices different. I’ve tried to incorporate some of the lyrical flow she creates so effortlessly in her stories and I think my manuscripts are better because of it.


  1. What’s one quirky thing you do or must have around you while writing?

As I write a manuscript, I give myself permission to jump onto social media whenever I need a break. I try to write six plus hours per day and it can be mentally exhausting. A quick break can relax my mind enough to carry me through a tough scene or even provide me some inspiration.


Okay, you have my answers. Now hop on over to Rhenna Morgan and see what she has to say! If you want to help her select the cover for her new book, Unexpected Eden, pop over to Smexy Books and cast your vote. I’m not telling you which one I voted for!

8 thoughts on “Another #LoveWriteChat

  1. Great great answers Veronica! Couldn’t agree more about the critics and I tend to jump on to social media from *coughs* time to time *coughs* as well. My problem is, I can’t get off once I’m on! LOL :) XOXOXO!

  2. 6 hours! Holy cow. You are my new writing hero! Not to mention the skill it takes to be a co-author. Well done! And thanks so much for your kind words and shout out above. You’re awesome.

  3. I have a guilt trip a mile long and if I don’t work a full work day, I feel like I’m goofing off when my husband is busting his derriere.

    And yes- I totally take suggestions from CPs. The first sentence in one of my books is mostly from someone’s suggestion and I love the line. It fits the work and I want the best experience for my readers. I’d say I write 99% of my books, but there are wonderful gems given to me by wonderful people!

  4. I just finished a crit for one of my CPs and I always worry I’ve put to much of my voice in the edits. The nice thing is we can ignore what we don’t want to use!

    I’m supposed to be writing 6 hours a day, but now I’m in week two of summer and I’m behind.

  5. I want to get back to writing at least six hours a day!!! I’m so jealous!!! Great answers!!!

  6. It amazes when one of the writers in our critique groups suggests a simple word that completes a sentence I had struggled with. I think we are sometimes too close to see the obvious.

  7. Wow. You write for six hours each day? I’m so impressed. I do the social media thing, too, but unfortunately, I get totally sucked into it and realize I’ve wasted two hours of precious writing time. That said, I’ve met writers, agents and editors via social media so I try to tell myself I’m networking. :)

    1. Hey, I just figured out I can reply individually. Cool. I totally need help with Word Press. This wasn’t available before. Maybe if I keep pushing buttons I’ll get something manageable.

      Note- how I’ve been on social media half the day – my excuse is I’m between books!

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