Fifty Resolutions Before I’m Fifty: Aren’t you 50 Yet?

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A lot of people have been asking me when the hell I’m turning fifty, since I’ve been blogging on and off about the transition for over a year. The truth is, I’ll be fifty in February. My goal was to transform myself before I hit the date.

I still have time.

My newest resolution? Don’t quit, even when a tsunami knocks you from your path.

It’s never easy, but I’m a work in progress. Every morning I begin the day with a list of things I need to accomplish. I finish some, ignore others, and never make it to the rest. But everyday, I move forward. My health is improving. My focus is better. My French isn’t better, but I don’t put any time into improving it. It’s all about choices and never giving up.

This year decided to kick me in the ass, but as I look back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The best thing that could have happened to my writing career was getting thrown off the mountain. It’s made me regroup and go back to writing for the joy of it. Only now, experience and education has made my craft better than before.

I had a major knee injury which made me pause in my physical activity. I’ve now added a weight lifting element into my workouts. Something I wouldn’t have done without the need to improve my muscle strength to support my knees.

I gained ten pounds this past year. It was as if my metabolism had decided to take a vacation. But that’s made me really look at what I eat and when. The pounds still refuse to budge, but I feel better and have much more energy.

My family went through a tough spell. We regrouped and are a closer unit, despite one of the clan moving three thousand miles away. I would never go back to our past dynamics.

So all in all, I’m moving toward fifty at a decent pace with a better life than I’ve ever had, and a much better attitude.

Have you had a set back this year? If so, I hope you conquer it and move forward stronger than ever.