50 Resolutions in 50 Weeks Before I’m 50: Resolution 5


It’s been a month on my quest to change my life. Overall, I love the idea of resolutions. They help me keep on track with things I want to accomplish, but tend to blot out of mind when life gets too hectic. For fifty weeks, I have to think about resolutions, all of them everyday.

How am I doing so far?

  1.  Journaling

I’m surprisingly not great with this. I’m too tired to write before I go to bed at night and so I write a few sentences in the morning. More a summary of my day than an overview of my feelings.

  1. No television after 8pm

My family time has become richer by shutting off the television at night. I work on my computer, but I’m available for everyone while they’re doing homework and as they wind down for the day.

  1. Exercise everyday

When I get my exercise done in the morning, I’m good. But if I try to fit it in later in the day, I miss exercise over 60% of the time.

  1. Eat better, at least one salad and one nutrition shake per day.

Forcing myself to eat has been a blessing. I eat salad everyday, and have a shake for breakfast. They are filling enough to me that I don’t snack as much. So this one so has been the best resolution yet.

As time goes by, my life is better with these tweaks, but nothing is perfect. I have good days and bad days, but doing nothing is not an option.

For my fifth resolution?

My brother wants me to try meditation. I hate meditation. The idea of trying to not think about anything for a writer who has thirty plots trolling the background of her mind daily makes the task impossible. If I’m stressing about whether I can get away with a pounding heart in a scene instead of something infinitely more unique, to I’m thinking about my grocery list or whether the kids brought their homework to school.

As a compromise, I’m going to try two minutes of mediation per day. I can do anything for two minutes, except planks. I even have a guided mediation program on my phone. I’ve got this.


8 thoughts on “50 Resolutions in 50 Weeks Before I’m 50: Resolution 5

  1. Wow! I think it’s amazing what you’ve accomplished in one month. And for the record my personal trainer says her classes the morning are always better attended, and more regularly, than the afternoon or evening ones. People get derailed the later in the day it gets.

  2. First of all good for you! I am so proud of you. You are really taking a hold of life and turning it for the better. I love meditation I have been doing it for over 10 years, every single morning. And it has changed my life 500% and continues to make it better. But listen to yourself, everyone and books tell you either use quiet or Meditation music, I can’t stand Meditation music and quiet drives me insane, lol. I listen to piano pieces on my Pandora and it works like a charm, but that might just be me.There is book that more than helps, It’s called the Master Key System by Charles Hannel. I think it’s the Perfect Book.

      1. Your brother sounds like a brilliant man. You should just listen to him and try to do 5 to ten minutes of meditation at the start of your day. Like exercise, you do it in the AM and you will stick to it. Make the time and it will make time for you. #headspaa e is very helpful

  3. This is very cool, Veronica. But I can’t imagine trying to do all these at the same time. Doesn’t it take something like 21 days for something to become a habit? If you’re putting these actions into your life this fast, you’re amazing! It’s always important to have goals. I love your comment: I have good days and bad days, but doing nothing is not an option. Congrats and keep up the good work.

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