Romance Writers’ Weekly: Inspiration

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Today’s blog hop topic is from Jeanne McDonald – three “simple” questions!

1. Describe that moment you first felt like a true author (not just an aspiring one).

My first meeting at VFRW, a moment in time when I’d finished my first full manuscript and was full of questions and anticipation. The manuscript, by the way, was horrible, but that is a story for another blog post. I sat next to Terri Brisbin. She asked what I wrote, and I told her woman’s fiction (this was before I discovered the thrill of suspense). She was the first professional writer I had even spoken with about my work. She treated me as an equal and respected and understood my journey. The entire group at VFRW was fantastic and welcoming. At that point, I knew I was with the right people.


2. Name three authors who you inspire you.

Cathy Maxwell. When reading her books, they have a rainbow of emotion, but leave you full of joy. Having met her a few times at writing conferences and retreats, I understand. She is full of joy and spreads that sense of peace and happiness to the people around her. She has been an inspiration to me. She has fantastic success, loves helping newer writers, and seems supportive to everyone in the writing community.

Betty Bolte. She has been working her way into this career for years. She doesn’t let set backs knock her out. Instead, she believes in herself and in her ability to write beautiful books. It’s been fantastic to watch her career blossom and know that it will go even further because she has the grit and talent to make it in this crazy industry.

James Patterson. He is unapologetic about making writing into a business. He has a talent for writing stories that grab the reader and keep them from beginning to end. Does he claim to be a brilliant author? No. He claims to understand what the public wants in a book. And he delivers.


3. Describe your favorite fan moment (either you as the fan or one of your readers approaching you as a fan).

At the book signing for the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas, a woman walked up and told me how much she loved the book “Untrue Colors.” Hearing praise from a complete stranger was a magical experience, but she made it even better when she asked if I could sign two books. One for her and one for her friend. Yep, best moment, so far, of my writing life.




Here is the list of authors on the blog hop today. is the next after me.




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Romance Writers’ Weekly: Flash Fiction


Fiona Riplee has provided our challenge for the week. “Write a Flash Fiction that’s 500 words or less with the following items: an empty parking lot, an abandoned SUV & a chihuahua sitting in the driver’s seat.”

If you’re coming from Brenda Margriet Welcome!


Parking lot

Tim didn’t have to take Carly to Camel Point, but he did.  She’d been throwing herself in his direction for two years. Maybe she’d put out for him. And after that fiasco with Desiree in the basement of his house, he needed a comeback.

He parked his car in the abandoned lot and pulled her close to his side. Her muscles tensed. A probable virgin.

“Are you cold?” he asked with as much concern in his voice as he could provide without laughing.

“A little.” She snuggled closer and pressed herself into his arms.

They kissed for what felt like forever, but never progressed past his attempt at putting a hand up her shirt. She swatted it away with reflexes a ninja could appreciate. Her rejection stung. She was nothing. Nobody. And she was alone in the car with him. Hell, she’d consented to come with him.

He gripped her tighter. His fingers digging into the cotton t-shirt he desperately wanted off her.

Something scratched the side of the SUV. A rodent. Tim looked out the door into the darkness and saw nothing but dark shadows of rocks and bushes.

“Maybe we should go home now.” Carly tried to move away from him.

“Not yet. I need you. All of you.” He held her close, yanking on her shirt now. He was getting something for his time, despite her prudish reactions.

The scratching returned. What the hell? This time he opened the door. As he leaned out, Carly kicked him in the back and sent him flying onto the asphalt. He yanked on her arm and dragged her out of the SUV with him. Damn, she was strong and wildly throwing punchs. One nailed him in the face. Bitch. He lifted his arm up to strike her, but a motorcycle roared onto the scene. Some jerk with an attitude and a black leather jacket.

“Get on, Carly. Now,” the asshole ordered her.

“Wait a minute. She’s with me.” Tim pulled her off balance. She fell into his arms.

From the look on her face, it was clear she wanted nothing to do with him. And yet he tried to keep her there anyway. Until a gun barrel tapped the side of his face.

No girl was worth being killed for. He let her go and backed away. She climbed on the bike and wrapped her arms around the stranger. The half-cocked smile on the idiot’s face boiled Tim’s temper, but before he kick the guy’s ass, the motorcycle revved up and then took off.

Standing alone in the deserted parking lot, he felt like a fool. The doors on the SUV clicked locked. What? He glanced inside the car. Ginger, his sister’s Chihuahua was sitting in the driver’s seat wagging her tail. He wiped the blood from his face, pulled out his phone, and called his sister. He tried to explain what happened, but she wasn’t having it. She arrived with a posse of four women in a Jeep. She hopped in the SUV and drove away without him. In the back window, the stupid dog seemed to laughing at him.

Head on over to Gemma Brocato for her take on the challenge!

Romance Writer’s Weekly: Character Interview-Henry Chilton

Henry Chilton from Untrue Colors, by Veronica Forand

Henry Chilton from Untrue Colors, by Veronica Forand

Welcome back to Romance Writers’ Weekly Blog Hop. If you came from the amazing Betty Bolte welcome!


This week’s question is by the amazing and talented Xio Axelrod.


It’s been a while since we interviewed our characters. Here are five questions, you choose which of your characters will answer.


Interview with Henry Chilton, Earl of Ripon, Professor of Anthropology, Oxford University

From “Untrue Colors”

  1. Welcome to my blog. The first question seems pretty simple, but I bet you can come up with something that gives us a bit of an insight into your past. What’s your favorite word?

Thanks for having me. I try to avoid the public eye as much as possible, yet I feel quite indebted to you for allowing me the chance to meet Alex.  My favorite word is trust. I trust in the people around me, I just hope that I can get Simon and Alex to continue to trust me. Both of them have had people close to them let them down. I want them to understand that I am not like the people from their past.

  1. What is your fondest childhood memory?

Spending time with my mother at the beach. My father, cheating jackass that he was, couldn’t be bothered to be with us and my mother was allowed to let her beautiful soul shine through.

  1. What one thing in your past do you wish you could do differently?

I regret not telling Alex about my past military experience. I think she would have trusted me more if she had known that I wasn’t only an anthropology professor.

  1. Vanilla or Chocolate?

Vanilla. Goes better with coffee, berries, and on apple streudel.

  1. If you could have lunch with one famous person (alive or not) who would it be and why?

I’d have lunch with Alex’s father. He still doesn’t like me and I think we need some time to get to understand each other. And if he continues to treat me like a second class citizen, it would be great to tell him to go to hell without Alex with me.


Next stop is Dani Jace Her interview with her character is HOT!